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The Casale is located in the Park of the Murgia of Matera. The Park includes an area of about 8,000 hectares full of gentle slopes, natural ravines, rural conglomerates, fortified farms, deep precipices and rupestrian churches.

The nearby presence of a large artificial lake, which was created for irrigation purposes by the damming of the river Bradano, and the steep and rugged walls of the Gravina create a natural habitat for the many species of wild animals and birds that are at risk of extinction.

This is the case of the peregrine falcon represented on the logo of the Grand Casale in order to defend the house itself and the whole city of Matera.

Within the Park, visitors can go on guided tours and walks in the countryside along paths that run through the Murgia connecting farmhouses to one another.

The Casale is nestled amid the fertile hills, planted with wheat, that change colour together with the seasons, and the rugged promontory of the high Murgia (with its marvelous caves) that slopes toward the coast of Taranto and Metaponto from which it is only a few kilometers.

Guests should not miss the suggestive and peculiar landscapes of the surrounding area with the small towns famous for the local handicraft.

Gran Casale delle Gravine
Contrada "Alvino" - 75100 Matera
S.S. 7 Matera-Taranto, km. 589 (junction for Ginosa)

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