the Surroundings: Matera

Matera (55.000 inhabitants) is a city about 400 metres above sea level and about 45 km. away from the sea shore.
Matera is world-wide known for its “Sassi” but it has much more to offer in terms of culture and history, as it was recently appointed European Capital City for Culture together with Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

Matera is a perfect balance between the work of man and nature, which has been worked through to adapt to man’s needs with no harm.

Matera and its “Sassi” have been recognized as a unique historical heritage by UNESCO which, together with a charming landscape, make up a precious resort for international tourism.

Only a few km. away is the “Crypt of the Original Sin” also known as the “Cappella Sistina of the rupestrian churches”.

Other monuments not to be missed are the Dome from the 13th century, the Cathedral with its wooden choir from the 15th century and Palazzo Lanfranchi, where the poet Giovanni Pascoli taught.
The building is now a museum of medieval and modern arts with letters, documents and drawings by the famous writer Carlo Levi.

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