the Surroundings: the “Parco della Murgia” natural park

Such an original unpolluted and exciting scenery is enclosed in the 8,000 hectares of the “Parco della Murgia” natural Park!

The extraordinary sight of the “Gravina”, an enormous calcareous crack almost 20 km. long, and the river with the same name, are only just a small part of the whole of the rochy scenery.

Within the Park a wide range of activities are available, such as guided itineraries to reach the rupestrian churches (rock-cut churches) and the fortified “Masserie” (Manor farms).

Bird watching and mountain biking among the narrow and steep paths are also an experience for visitors not to miss.

Gran Casale delle Gravine
Contrada "Alvino" - 75100 Matera
S.S. 7 Matera-Taranto, km. 589 (junction for Ginosa)

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